Monday, 31 October 2005

Round five at Parkdale

Second game captaining the team on Sunday. I think I starting to warm to the task. A lot more settled side this week, but it didn't help when two players didn't show up as expected. This meant that we only had 7 fielders instead of 9. It also made selecting the batting order and bowlers more interesting than it should have been.

Neverless, I reckon the guys turned in a stellar effort to restrict the opposition score to 136 from their alloted 36 overs. Realistically with a side that is two fielders short they should have scored quite a bit more. All the bowlers put in a great effort and the feilding was great apart from one or two slip-ups.

Part way through our innings, things were looking good and there were dreams of victory with the score at 2/60 from 16 overs. But with two players short all it took was a couple of wickets to fall and it was all over.

Full match details can be found in ResultsVault

Friday, 28 October 2005

SQL Server 2005 Developer Available on MSDN

News is filtering around the globe. Downloading SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 from MSDN as I type .... Wheeee ...

Woo Hoo just got my Math results


You Passed 8th Grade Math
Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Top Ten Reasons Not To Upgrade ...

Steve Jones provides us with the reasons to remain on SQL Server 2000.
I'm sure this'll show up on his blog later.

Trial by fire ...

Well I had my second run with the new club on Sunday and was tossed the captaining duties. It was a daunting prospect as I'd only played with two other members of the chosen team. It turned out to be very interesting when it came time to decide the batting order and who should be bowling.

Overall our batting let us down in our first innings and we didn't hold too many catches whilst in the field. Is was pleasing to see the team make more runs in the second innings and stave off the outright defeat. My bowling continues to be interesting on the turf wicket and I deemed myself unlucky to have a couple of decisions go against me. One was a blatant edge off the bat onto the stumps, but the square leg umpire said the keeper knocked the bails off, not the ball. Pretty hard for that to happen when the keeper is half a foot away.

Full match details can be found in ResultsVault

Monday, 17 October 2005

A Super Flop and technology encroaches ...

Well it looks like the jury is well and truly out. The Johnnie Walker Super Series that pitted the "Best of the World" against the Australian Cricket has ended with resounding victories in all forms of the game. Given the dominance of the Australian team, the concept of having a Super Series every four years has been put back in the cupboard. We may see it dusted off when another team rises to the continued dominance that the Australian team has enjoyed for over a decade.

Overall the performance of the supposedly more dominant World XI players was vastly below par, particulary in the batting department. The bowling showed some glimpses of brilliance, or maybe that should be some glimpses of Super Freddie. It was quite interesting to read some of the comments excuses made saying that many of the World XI players arrived without having any real match practice. Well I'm sorry, but if that doesn't wash for the Australian team in their recent Ashes lapse, I don't see why it should be expected here.

The other interesting point to come out of the series was the mixed reception, from both player and officials, on the used of technology, in the form of TV replays, to assist the umpires decision making process. My thought is that the umpires should be left to make the decision how they see fit. When I've done my stints umpiring I've generally gone with my first impression. Once there is an element of doubt, the general rule is the decision goes in favour of the batsman. It's worked for quite a number of years now in all forms of cricket from international level right down to the local park cricket and I really don't see the need for a change. Maybe we're just getting too much analysis from the TV telecasts and, all too often for some people, we're discovering that umpires are human and prone to mistakes. The best bit of footage for me was Kallis' dissmisal in the first innings. He asked Hayden if the catch was taken, Hayden said "Yes mate" and Kallis walked off the field. No umpire required.

One part about all the new technology I've found really interesting is the super-slow-mo replays of the players. It really opens your eyes when you see just how much the bat flexs and wobbles as a batsman plays a ball. That's just from the slow bowlers with the ball travelling around 70-80 kilometers, forget about the fast bowlers where the speed is almost double!! Watching a bowler in slow-mo is like torture as you see all the muscles and tendons stretched and the way the whole body moves in the delivery stride. Makes you realise that there is a lot more to bowling than just running up and rolling your arm over.

Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Darpa's Grand Challenge race has been Run and Won

In case you missed all the buzz here ...
Reuters - A Stanford University team won a $2 million prize on Sunday for sending a modified Volkswagen across 132 miles of rugged desert, guided only by sensors and computers in a race the Pentagon hopes will lead to a technological breakthrough in warfare.
Yahoo! News: Odd News]

and here ...
Driverless cars traversed 132 miles of desert to complete the DARPA Grand
Challenge. Also: NASA's 'bots for on high.

and here ...
Crossing the finish line in Darpa's Grand Challenge race, four driverless vehicles use computers, sensors, radar, GPS tracking and drive-by-wire systems to traverse the 132-mile desert course.
Wired News]

Monday, 10 October 2005

First Trundle with the new team

Had my first match with my new cricket club on Sunday and it was a very satisfying debut.
The day got off to a dreary start thanks to overcast and drizzly conditions. The team we were playing against looked to be mostly juniors. The first wicket fell at about the 12th over to a catch at mid-off to yours-truly. Always good to get the first catch of the season under the belt. Wickets fell quite steadily and it was looking like we might roll through the wickets and I wouldn't be required to bowl.

Got my opportunity in the twentieth over and thankfully got the ball to land on a good length. It was quite a bit different bowling on turf for the first time. My gentle slow-medium didn't generate much bounce off the pitch and I managed to maintain a pretty good length. In my second over I was gifted my first wicket as the batsman played a huge swipe at a full ball only to get his stumps rattled. I followed that wicket up with another bowled with one that kept low and a simple caught and bowled to close the innings. So I walked off feeling pretty satisfied, I'd done ok in the field and taken 3/8 in 4.3 overs.

When my turn came round for the batting, we'd already won the match and were just out to have a hit. I quickly found out just how different batting on turf was. Despite numerous tips about getting forward to the ball, facing my third ball my first move was back and across my stumps to give the umpire an easy LBW decision.

Oh well they say 2 out of 3 ain't bad, just got to get some more work on my batting in the nets...

Aussies clean sweep Super Series ODI's

    Brett Lee and Shane Watson decimated the World XI's elite batting line-up to power Australia to a 156-run victory and a Super Series one-day clean sweep at Docklands stadium on Sunday.

[Via ABC Sport: Cricket] Scorecard & Bulletin
Does Australia deserve the title of the best one-day team in the world? I think three comprehensive victories definitely underscores the fact that as a team Australia are the best in the world. Sunday's victory was even more satisfying for me because even though it was a dead rubber the guys still played all out for a win. The partnership between Hussey and Watson was superb and provided one of the best highlights when Hussey hit the ball into the Telstra Dome roof!! I think Richie Benauds comment summed it up beautifly, he said "The World XI were thoroughly mauled out there."

Roll on the Super test in Sydney, hopefully the World XI can find their batsmen so the test lasts out the full six days.

Friday, 7 October 2005

And in other "Only in Australia..." news

Bali 'mules' sue federal police

    TWO of the Bali Nine accused drug smugglers are taking legal action against Australian police for tipping off Indonesian authorities about them.

[Via Top Stories]

    The pair, through their lawyers, claim the AFP provided assistance to the Indonesian police that led to their arrest, "which thereby exposed them to the prospect of the imposition of the death penalty".

Hmmm ... I would say that areeing to transport illegal goods in a country that has the death penalty exposed them in the first place. Surely my hard earned tax dollars shouldn't be wasted in this sort of legal rangling ??

SQL Server 2005 release dates

Got anything planned for these dates?

Hello Australia,

We are looking to do the launch the of Visual Studio & SQL Server 2005 on
the following dates across Australia

Cairns Nov 2nd
Townsville Nov 3rd
McKay Nov 4th
Adelaide 22 Nov
Rockhampton 24 Nov
Melbourne 24 Nov
Sydney 29 Nov
Perth 1 Dec
Canberra 6 Dec
Brisbane 8 Dec

[Via MSDN Blogs]

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Cricket at the Dome and a extra train ride

Well Australia have done it again. Once more a big occasion match has easily gone to the Aussies. They seem to make a habit of it. Pity they had a hiccup with the Ashes Series. They easily won tonights first game of the Johnnie Walker Super Series
Bulletin & Scorecard
I'm sure the AFL footballers would have enjoyed watching the fielders slip around on the Telstra Dome turf. I wonder if the officials will still say theres nothing wrong with it? Although having the roof closed allowed the game to proceed even though it was raining, Samit Bal at CricInfo seems to think the wide open spaces is necessary for cricket. Surely he's heard of Indoor cricket, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, etc...

I didn't get to see as much of the cricket on TV as I would have liked as I had an extra train ride on the way home from work. Courtesy of our brand new trains in Melbourne that kindly stopped at half a dozen stations without opening the doors!! Forget about the people trying to get off, I'm amazed that the driver pulled away from the station with prospective passengers pulling at the doors trying to get on!! One passenger in my carriage commented that the train was running 6 minutes late so the driver must be trying to make up time.

Cute Animal Quiz

You Are A: Monkey!

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