Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Cricket at the Dome and a extra train ride

Well Australia have done it again. Once more a big occasion match has easily gone to the Aussies. They seem to make a habit of it. Pity they had a hiccup with the Ashes Series. They easily won tonights first game of the Johnnie Walker Super Series
Bulletin & Scorecard
I'm sure the AFL footballers would have enjoyed watching the fielders slip around on the Telstra Dome turf. I wonder if the officials will still say theres nothing wrong with it? Although having the roof closed allowed the game to proceed even though it was raining, Samit Bal at CricInfo seems to think the wide open spaces is necessary for cricket. Surely he's heard of Indoor cricket, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, etc...

I didn't get to see as much of the cricket on TV as I would have liked as I had an extra train ride on the way home from work. Courtesy of our brand new trains in Melbourne that kindly stopped at half a dozen stations without opening the doors!! Forget about the people trying to get off, I'm amazed that the driver pulled away from the station with prospective passengers pulling at the doors trying to get on!! One passenger in my carriage commented that the train was running 6 minutes late so the driver must be trying to make up time.

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