Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Trial by fire ...

Well I had my second run with the new club on Sunday and was tossed the captaining duties. It was a daunting prospect as I'd only played with two other members of the chosen team. It turned out to be very interesting when it came time to decide the batting order and who should be bowling.

Overall our batting let us down in our first innings and we didn't hold too many catches whilst in the field. Is was pleasing to see the team make more runs in the second innings and stave off the outright defeat. My bowling continues to be interesting on the turf wicket and I deemed myself unlucky to have a couple of decisions go against me. One was a blatant edge off the bat onto the stumps, but the square leg umpire said the keeper knocked the bails off, not the ball. Pretty hard for that to happen when the keeper is half a foot away.

Full match details can be found in ResultsVault

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