Monday, 10 October 2005

First Trundle with the new team

Had my first match with my new cricket club on Sunday and it was a very satisfying debut.
The day got off to a dreary start thanks to overcast and drizzly conditions. The team we were playing against looked to be mostly juniors. The first wicket fell at about the 12th over to a catch at mid-off to yours-truly. Always good to get the first catch of the season under the belt. Wickets fell quite steadily and it was looking like we might roll through the wickets and I wouldn't be required to bowl.

Got my opportunity in the twentieth over and thankfully got the ball to land on a good length. It was quite a bit different bowling on turf for the first time. My gentle slow-medium didn't generate much bounce off the pitch and I managed to maintain a pretty good length. In my second over I was gifted my first wicket as the batsman played a huge swipe at a full ball only to get his stumps rattled. I followed that wicket up with another bowled with one that kept low and a simple caught and bowled to close the innings. So I walked off feeling pretty satisfied, I'd done ok in the field and taken 3/8 in 4.3 overs.

When my turn came round for the batting, we'd already won the match and were just out to have a hit. I quickly found out just how different batting on turf was. Despite numerous tips about getting forward to the ball, facing my third ball my first move was back and across my stumps to give the umpire an easy LBW decision.

Oh well they say 2 out of 3 ain't bad, just got to get some more work on my batting in the nets...

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