Monday, 31 October 2005

Round five at Parkdale

Second game captaining the team on Sunday. I think I starting to warm to the task. A lot more settled side this week, but it didn't help when two players didn't show up as expected. This meant that we only had 7 fielders instead of 9. It also made selecting the batting order and bowlers more interesting than it should have been.

Neverless, I reckon the guys turned in a stellar effort to restrict the opposition score to 136 from their alloted 36 overs. Realistically with a side that is two fielders short they should have scored quite a bit more. All the bowlers put in a great effort and the feilding was great apart from one or two slip-ups.

Part way through our innings, things were looking good and there were dreams of victory with the score at 2/60 from 16 overs. But with two players short all it took was a couple of wickets to fall and it was all over.

Full match details can be found in ResultsVault

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