Friday, 16 September 2005

Damn testing centres ...

Failed the exam today though not for the want of trying to finish the exam.

The building the testing centre was located at was having construction work done. So unbeknowns to me they have re-located their testing services to a different building across the road.

To cut along story short after much fussing around trying to find my test booking they eventually advised that I should go across the road. This made me arrive about 20 minutes later than the booked time. The lady at the front desk was most understanding and mentioned that they had quite a few problems due to the construction. She got me all set up in a cubicle and I proceeded to mow through the questions.

After completing 31 of 42 questions, another guy came up to my cubicle and told me I shouldn't be doing the test because I arrived late. He then proceeded to exit the test and log me out of the system. From the timer I could see that I still had over one hour and 40 minutes to complete the final 11 questions. Let me tell you I was not happy, but my remonstrations went un-heard. The end result is that I ended up with a final score of 674, 16 less than required for a pass with 11 questions unanswered. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!

Needless to say I will be following this up with Prometric.

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