Wednesday, 19 July 2006

SQL Server 2005 Install Woes

Just trying to install SQL 2005 on a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine and I get the following error.

    Running: InstallToolsAction.10 at: 2006/6/19 9:2:22
    Error: Action "InstallToolsAction.10" threw an exception during execution. Error information reported during run:
    Target collection includes the local machine.
    Fatal Exception caught while installing package: "10"
    Error Code: 0x80070002 (2)
    Windows Error Text: The system cannot find the file specified. Source File Name: sqlchaining\sqlprereqpackagemutator.cpp

    Compiler Timestamp: Tue Aug 9 01:14:20 2005
    Function Name: sqls::SqlPreReqPackageMutator::modifyRequest
    Source Line Number: 196

    ---- Context -----------------------------------------------

    WinException caught while installing package. : 1603
    Error Code: 0x80070643 (1603)
    Windows Error Text: Fatal error during installation. Source File Name: packageengine\installpackageaction.cpp
    Compiler Timestamp: Fri Jul 1 01:28:25 2005
    Function Name: sqls::InstallPackageAction::perform
    Source Line Number: 167

    ---- Context -----------------------------------------------

This helpful KB article advise me that the installation files have to be in specific folders. These two folders must be under the same level of a folder or the root folder of a drive. The names of these folders must be exactly Servers and Tools. The Servers folder contains all the files that are required to install major SQL Server 2005 components, such as database engine. The Tools folder contains tools components and Books Online for SQL Server 2005.

Handy information to know. Would have been helpful in the setup documentation, then I wouldn't have wasted my time.

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