Monday, 24 July 2006

Programmatically printing reports ... SP2 = Ouch!

I've been doing some more hack development work with SQL 2000 Reporting Services. I really like the programmability available via the web service.

Courtesy of some code provided on Reporting Service stalwart Bryan Keller's blog, I've been playing around with sending reports rendered via the web service direct to the printer. Now for some reason the reporting server I was testing against was only the RTM version and everything was working terrific. That was 3 days ago, my how things change in three days.

Come today we wanted to run out our 2500+ reports, which was going to save our Backoffice staff hours of manually printing individual printouts, we find that the production reporting server has SP2 installed and for some reason this causes the footer of the report to be dropped and the right-hand margin to be cut-off.

I have a feeling it might be something to do with rendering the reports with Letter sizing rather than A4 sizing. I'll post later when I discover the culprit. Meanwhile we're running our production report printing off an RTM Report Server, oh joy!


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