Monday, 3 April 2006

SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio Rant

Can someone answer this simple question for me?

If we are meant to perform development tasks in the new SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, whay can't we create a database project?

When I try to open my database project from Visual Studio.Net 2003 I get told

"The application for project 'blah' is not installed"

Surely a development tool targeted at database technologies has a database project that allows me to develop stored procedures, etc..., or is Microsoft telling me that I need to purchase a Visual Studio .Net 2005 license to develop databases??

In Visual Studio .Net 2003 I have a database project that consists of numerous folders containing SQL scripts for tables, procedures, views and initialisation data. I can right-click any of these scripts and run it on any one of the database references that are also included in the project.

I thought new versions of products were supposed to introduce new features, not remove useful functionality!

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