Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Good old TV

Caught Legends - The Best of Bert Newton on TV last night and laughed myself silly for about an hour. There was alot of old black & white footage from some of Bert's earlier days. My wife migrated out from England in the late 80's and I found myself reliving some of the great old shows that were on back in the "good old days".

Stuff like, In Melbourne Tonight and The Graham Kennedy Show where Bert and Graham Kennedy really made names for themselves.

Then there was "The Don Lane Show" where you never knew quite what Bert would get up to. The staple diet for a Saturday (first in the the morning, then when they switched to the evening) Hey Hey Its Saturday.

As I was reminiscing it came to me that all of these great TV shows were on Channel 9, or GTV 9 as it was back then. It bugged me like crazy that I couldn't remember a regular show on any of the other TV channels during that period. There was always Aussie Rules football on Channel 7 (HSV 7) and Countdown on ABC, but there doesn't seem to be anything else that sticks out.

Maybe this will help Australian TV Shows A to Z

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